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Melco Lake Water Filters are made specifically for lake water systems for lake property such as lawn irrigation systems and water supply for other non drinking purposes. Our filters do an excellent job of filtering the water coming into your water system by using a custom designed and manufactured filter that has been tested and proven to be an excellent method for filtering out sand and debris without clogging up.

Many of our filters have been tested and have proven to do a great job of filtering water without plugging up!

The suction connection is a 3/4" pvc plastic pipe.


Shallow Water Double Filter 30gpm $63

Shallow Water Double Filter

U.S. Shipping $17

Shallow Water Double Filter

Canada Shipping $45

Shallow Water Single Filter 15gpm $42

Shallow Water Single Filter

U.S. Shipping $13

Shallow Water Single Filter

Canada Shipping $39

Extra Fiber Filters 2 for $15
2 Green Fiber Filters $15

U.S. Shipping $5

2 Green Fiber Filters $15

Canada Shipping $12

The newest model of the Lake Water Filter is demostrated here in this video. Reuben explains how this is his most advanced, yet simple and efficient design. It still handles 15 gallons per minute (the double filter version will handle 30 gpm).
Excellent for lawn irrigation. Great for your lake home or cabin. Any place that has a pond or lake nearby will work!





The lake water filter is made of PVC pipe that is carefully crafted with specifically sized slots that allow an excellent flow of water without clogging. A large continuous amount of water can be run though the filter. We have measured 10 gallons per minute and more. Using lake water for irrigating your lawn and/or a fresh water supply for other uses has advantages including prevention of iron stains as lake water does not contain iron.

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Each filter comes with instructions and a 90 day money back guarantee!

The complete filter is included with your purchase. The pale and pea rock are not included.  Each filter is hand made to perfection and will do an excellent job of filtering out sand and debri. Instructions are included. The filter can be laid vertically or horizontally in a pale or tub of pea rock. Tests have shown that water can be pumped at 10 gallons per minute and more!

Please Note: Shipping to Canada requires about double the shipping charge that is listed here.

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