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Lake Water Filter Single UnitOur Lake Water Filters are made for Lawn Sprinklers and Lawn Irrigation Systems that can use lake water or ponds as their source. Residential lake property and commercial lake property are primary examples of who might use these Lake Water Filters. The design has changed over the past few years. The filters have gotten a little smaller but they still handle as much water flow as before. And they still filter the water extremely well! They're easy to take apart and clean. And they're easy to install.

Reuben has sold many dozens of these filters, shipping all over the United States and Canada, and some over seas to Europe. He has never had anyone return one. The filters have been tested not only by Reuben and his friends, but by all of those people who have purchased a filter over the past few years.

Check out the videos and pictures on this website for more information about our Lake Water Filters. If you have questions please feel free to contact Reuben through email or telephone.

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lake water filter for lawn irrigation

Multiple lake water filters
This configuration includes 4 double filter units put together with a special 4 inch pipe fitted for the connection. All the parts needed are included when you purchase. This should filter about 100 gallons per minute. NOTE: This filter is a custom build. Most people use the double filter. Feel free to ask questions if you are interested though!

This filter is the double which filters 30 gallons per minute. It's the most commonly sold filter we sell.