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New Water Filter Design Combines 4 Filters

lake water filter combines 4 filters

New Water Filter Design arrangement for combining 2, 3, or 4 water filters to add more flow per minute. With this newly designed arrangement you can combine the popular “double lake water filter” to get more water flow. This is a custom designed structure that enables you to combine lake water filters together so you…

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Pictures of Lake Water Filter in Action

lake water filter demo

Here are some pictures showing the water being filtered from a tank filled with dirty, smudgy water. You can see the cool, clean water coming out at the top (the filtered water). The water filter is inside the tank of dirty water. Remember, this water is not safe for drinking, but it’s definitely clean enough…

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Filter Sales are going strong

lake water filters ready to ship

Spring seems to be the time when we sell more filters. And it’s no different this year. If you are looking for a great way to filter your lake water for your irrigation system, we have a great solution for you. Check out our other pages on this website along with the pictures and videos.…

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New Videos for Lake Water Filters

demonstrating the lake water filter

Reuben demonstrates the water filter in action, showing how the water filter provides clear water from a tank filled with weeds. Reuben demonstrates and explains the 4 filter water filter setup.

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Connect Lake Water Filters for More Flow

lake water filter with green fiber filter

Now you can connect your lake water filters together to get more water flow per minute. When purchasing a regular lake water filter like this: – just indicate the number of filters you want to purchase and we’ll send you the connector free – so you can put your filters together like this: If you…

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How to Filter Lake Water, a New Filter

Double Lake Water Filter

In this video Reuben explains how his newly designed filter works. The lake water filter is a result of many design changes over the past few years. This new model is a simple design. It’s very easy to clean and will handle up to 15 gallons per minute. The double filter will handle up to…

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Lake Water Filter – Newest Model

Lake Water Filter

Reuben shows the newest version of his popular Lake Water Filter in this video. Check the order page for ordering information. Or contact Reuben with questions. Thanks for watching!

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New Shallow Water Filter

We’ve deisgned a newer/better filter. This new lake water filter is designed to work in 18″ of calm water. It holds 3 gals. of 1/4″ pea-rock. It will weight about 32 lbs. All water is sucked in thru the removable lid. It has a capacity of 30 gals. per min. It is 17″x11″x 6-1/2″high. Your…

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New Lake Water Filters

These lake water filters are contained in a tub that holds the pea rock and filter. The tub configuration makes it easy to slide the filter out of the lake without wading into the water. It can be installed in as little as 18 inches of water.

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